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CBSE Sample Paper

For students who want to score high in the examination CBSE Sample papers are one of the best resources for students to prepare for exams. Before students attempt for the final examination, getting prior experience with solving CBSE Sample papers will be helpful for students. CBSE Sample paper are designed as per the latest subject syllabus and by our subject experts teacher. By solving sample paper questions students will get a rough idea that they are prepared for the exam completely or not. Along with it they will feel confident about the answers and can test their knowledge. With solving CBSE Sample Paper Students can get to know numerous advantages as it aids to motivate for board examinations.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Sample Paper Question

There are plethora of benefits of solving CBSE Sample paper; it aids to motivate for board examinations and helps students to achieve their desired marks in the examination. When students attempt previous year or released exam papers, students can take a look at the written answers and examine themselves. As everyone is aware about the famous quote that “Practice makes perfect” with this, students start their practice to prepare for final CBSE examination and there  is no other perfect option to get good marks in board examination by solving CBSE sample paper questions. 

  • With solving CBSE sample paper questions it Removes Exam Stress and Fear from students. By practising, solving more and more sample questions gives you an idea about the type of question and so students can prepare well enough.
  • The CBSE Sample paper questions are truly based on the actual question paper format which helps students to get an overview about the type of questions, mostly asked topics, marks distribution etc.
  • CBSE Sample paper helps students in preparation analysis, students get the latest syllabus prescribed by board and covers all the important topics and questions. 
  • Students must first solve the CBSE sample paper questions and then cross-check the solution or marking schemes to get an analysis.
  • It helps students in revision and even after covering all the syllabus for the exam, but how will you be to analyse yourself of your preparation for each topic? The answer is simple with solving CBSE sample paper questions you can check yourself.
  • With solving CBSE sample paper questions it will enhance self confidence in the student and along with it help students analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on weak areas to improve their results. When student work on their weaker sections, they will definitely get good marks.
  • When students cover each section, topics and questions and by solving as many as CBSE sample papers they Improves their Speed and Accuracy. With regular practise their mistakes get less and they can solve questions to get the correct answer in a minimal time.
  • For the students of board examinations it is very important to know about the marking scheme as decided by the CBSE Board so it will give ideas to the students about Marking Scheme. Knowing the marking scheme of the board exam helps the students in preparing accordingly and they can put more effort into solving questions which carry more weightage.
  • As every student makes some mistakes during the exam and this puts a bad effect on their scoring, with solving CBSE sample paper questions students can rectify their mistakes. Students will also be able to make an effective strategy to tackle tricky questions.

How to use CBSE Sample paper for learning and practice

Every year before 2-3 months in advance CBSE provides sample question papers for practice. By solving these sample papers students, teachers and schools get some idea about the actual question paper pattern, blueprint and marking scheme. Along with it, they also know about the difficulty level of the question paper and weightage given to each chapter and also provides an insight about the changes made by CBSE in question paper design or in any subject. Do you want to use the CBSE Sample question paper for best results? Here are some tips on how to use.

  • Get an overview of questions and it’s difficulty level.
  • Students can check the weightage of each chapter.
  • Once you have got the question paper, try to solve it within a stimulating time.
  • Usually students avoid written practice, never it lightly, regularly do practice with sample question paper in pen and paper format.
  • Solving such papers helps students to reduce the fear of final exams. 
  • Once students start solving question papers, they find themselves confident and ready to accept the challenges.
  • It makes students be prepared mentally as they can find and improve their​ low-performing areas.

Does practising and solving CBSE Sample paper worthy for students?

Managing time during final exams is the biggest difficulty​ which most of the students faces. Solving the previous year question papers is the only way to manage time in an efficient manner as it assists the learners to generalise the appropriate way to write the answers during exams. Once they start solving previous year question papers, they can be able to improve their time management skills, which are essential in every part of life. If students face any problem while solving the previous year question papers, they  can go through the solutions which are explained step by step. Thus, they do not have any need to search on various resources in order to clear the doubts. Consequently, they can save their precious time, which further can be utilized to either do practice or be familiar with those topics which they find less interesting.

  • CBSE sample paper are designed as per the latest CBSE exam pattern and follow the syllabus.
  • Students get all these sample paper questions which include important topics from the exam perspective.
  • These question papers are solved by experienced faculty members who have in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects.
  • You will also get new kinds of questions that prepare students for the board exam.
  • Students will be able to finish their exam on time because it enhance their speed and accuracy to attempt the question.
  • You not only get the marking scheme as per CBSE are provided for self-assessment but also the question papers, a detailed explanation, and solutions.

Where can you find the best place to get CBSE Sample Papers with Solutions for board exams?

We have CBSE sample paper for 12th and 10th class board exams. Our salient features in sample papers are:

1. Mind Map is given in the beginning of each chapter for better understanding of

whole concept of chapter.

2. Competency Based Questions are given as per new guidelines of CBSE. These include Multiple Choice Questions and Case-Based/Source-Based Integrated Questions and Assertion-Reason Questions.

3. Objective Type Questions include all types of other questions of one mark.

4. Questions of N.C.E.R.T exercises have been solved.

5. Questions from N.C.E.R.T textbook have been fully covered.

6. Self Assessment Test enables the students to solve different types of questions

and increase their understanding of that chapter.

7. Previous Years’ Board Questions (solved) contain questions from previous years’


8. NCERT Exemplar Problems have been given fully solved in each chapter.

9. Expected questions under the headings 1 mark; 4 Marks and 6 marks have been given in each chapter. However knowledge of subjective is a preliminary requirement for solving MCQs/Case based/Assertion-Reason Type MCQs.

10. Creative, Evaluative and Innovative Questions have also been incorporated in

each chapter.

11. Unit Test has been given at the end of chapter for self evaluation.

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CBSE Question Bank

You are wondering about giving your best shot in the upcoming CBSE exam then preparing with the Xcel series CBSE question bank will be best for you. Xcel series CBSE question bank provides you fully solved previous year papers of the last ten years, from the year 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019,2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 to 2005. CBSE question bank helping students to prepare well for exams with the last 10 years Old question papers. If you are the student who is looking for an exciting way of learning and gaining more expertise over the process through CBSE question bank! Though CBSE has launched the Syllabus for the session 2022-23, Along with it for the CBSE academic year 2022-2023 CBSE Question banks have also been released for the students of classes 10th & 12th. The Question Bank in your hands provides a solid foundation for the development of Conceptual skills used in CBSE examinations. The book is strictly in accordance with the latest guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE. 

How is CBSE Question Bank Helpful for Students?

Question banks are fruitful for students. It helps students to learn the concepts in a better way by providing them with various kinds of questions on the same topic or topic area. This will improve their ability to answer the questions in a better way and along with it helps them develop an in-depth understanding of the concept in exams. Question bank provides you with a clear picture of the entire subject and its various aspects along with it you can also see questions from previous years’ papers printed alongside new questions from this year’s set. Student will get different benefits like – 

  • CBSE Question bank are based on latest exam pattern and full syllabus
  • In Objective you will get Case-Based questions, MCQs, and Assertion-Reason Questions
  • In CBSE Question bank you will get revision notes Topic wise and Chapter wise
  • This will be a Exam Oriented Prep tool which helps you in Answering Tips to avoid errors and score improvement
  • You will get Mind Maps for quick learning
  • Question banks provide a holistic learning as we know that question banks contain a pool of questions. It has all the important questions from each topic of the subject.
  • Question banks allow students to become familiar with the various typologies of questions.
  • With the CBSE question bank students get great clarity of the concepts and explain every concept with crystal clear information.
  • This will include previous year Board examination questions and many more…

 Why to choose Xcel Series CBSE Question Bank?

Xcel series CBSE question banks are the number 1 books for preparing for examinations in india. It will help the student to get their desired marks and help them to understand the latest exam pattern and full syllabus. With the help of question banks students will get to know ideas about the exam and will surely help students to strengthen their concepts and increase their confidence in taking the exams. 

1. Mind Maps are given in the starting of the book for better understanding of the whole concept of each chapter. 

2. Competency Based Questions are given as per new guidelines of CBSE. These include Multiple Choice Questions, Case Based / Paragraph Based Questions, Fill in the blanks, True/False, Match the Columns as well as Assertion-Reason Questions. 

3. Theoretical Notes are given under the topics of NCERT Textbook. 

4. NCERT Exemplar Problems have been given fully solved with QR Code. 

5. Important questions of Previous Years’ Examinations have also been covered in each chapter. 

6. Question Bank is categorised topic wise and includes all NCERT questions, important exemplar problems and PYQ’s This book being User Friendly and Time Efficient will be very useful for average, good, brilliant as well as for very brilliant students.

Benefits of CBSE Question Bank

CBSE question banks are the number 1 most effective tool to know about the marking scheme, duration of exam and the details about the types of questions. We recommend  students to solve as many questions from the  question book as they can. 

  • Question banks help in improving problem solving techniques and smooth your strategy to write the answer in the best way.
  • Xcel series Question bank provides you the in-depth analysis of questions so it will become easy for the student to understand it.
  • It will help you to plan better and score more marks in the CBSE examination.
  • Question bank helps you to improve your problem-solving speed as it is very important while taking exams. 
  •  With the help of Xcel series CBSE question bank you can cover all important topics from the entire syllabus. 
  • It helps all students to strengthen their knowledge of concepts and along with it help in increasing their confidence.
  • In the Xcel series CBSE question bank you will get Mind maps for understanding the concepts of each chapter.
  • With CBSE question bank it will help you with timely preparation and get more revisions on the topics.
  • By learning from a question bank you will get to know about learning new methodologies. It includes innovative ways of learning like mind maps, mnemonics, etc.

Students review after learning from Xcel series CBSE Question Bank

Shaurya Aggarwal:- I am very grateful to Dinesh Publications for one of their excellent books for Class 12th- Xcel Series. This book helped me in achieving a full 35/35 Score in my Chemistry Term-1 Exam. I never felt need of any other book after purchasing this book, and I am hoping to get a full score in Term-2 as well, just because of this book.

Drishti Dahiya:- I am thankful to Dinesh Publications. for their x-cel series mathematics book which helped me score 40/40 in CBSE maths Term-1 exam. I did! my preparation from this book only. The book provided me with plenty of McQs and practice questions which helped me master. concepts of Maths, and -score full marks easily.

Anushka Chauhan:- Securing good marks in CBSE is not a big task these days. The main keys for it are consistency and hard work. But it also depends upon the material from which you’re studying. I am ANUSHKA CHAUHAN of 12th Standard. I secured full marks in term 1 my and term 2 exams also went marvellous. I prefer my juniors to Sturdy Chemistry from THE DINESH PUBLICATIONS” Gook. I’ve studied all the topics of Chemistry from XCEL SERIES of DINESH PUBLICATIONS which I believe is an extraordinary book which covers all the topics & don’t leave a single previous year questions.

Question bank class 10 and Question bank class 12 CBSE

Dinesh Publication provides question banks for various classes and for all subjects. Dinesh Publication Xcel series covering all the question bank of class 10 for Science, Question bank Mathematics or Maths, and Question bank Social Science. In these question banks you will get a Competency wallet in which there are Memory Maps, Case based questions, MCQs, Assertion-Reason questions are available. Along with it you will get previous year questions, Model test paper and CBSE Sample Paper and all are according to NCERT exercise exemplar problems. And Xcel series question bank for class 12 for Chemistry Question bank class 12, Biology question bank and Mathematics Question bank for class 12 these CBSE Question bank are designed Keeping in view the latest syllabus of CBSE, and a unique approach is required for Question Bank for examination. Question Bank provides solid foundation for the development of Conceptual skills used in CBSE examinations.