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CBSE Class XII - Chemistry

Solutions Lecture 06 (Colligative Properties - Part 1)

CBSE Class XII - Chemistry

Solutions Lecture - 02 (Solubility and Henry\\\'s Law)

CBSE Class XII-Chemistry

Chemistry - XII : Solutions Lecture - 03 (Vapour Pressure and Raoult\\\'s Law)

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CS.Dinesh Sales Corp. is the foremost leading educational publishing house, having an outlook of horizon destination. We put forward various kinds of books covering a wide range of spectrum of all core subjects including business, science, technology and Humanities.

Over three decades of practical experience to our credit, strong dealership network and untiring, persisting enthusiasm for customer satisfaction comprises the successful stories of S.Dinesh Sales Corp. SDSC has eventually established itself as an icon among publishers in the education expansion of the country.

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