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  • S. Dinesh Sales Corporation is one of the most reputed publishers of school books, college books, competition books and other educational materials in India. We take pride in working with the authors who have a passion for teaching, adoration for new ideas, penchant for innovation, desire to keep learning and extensive experience in their work. Central to our success is our relationship with our authors. We therefore, welcome all the authors who share the same enthusiasm and aspiration for eminence as ours.


(It should contain details of all relevant teachings, research, industrial and professional experience, and list of all previous publications (Title & Publisher)).


do hereby declare that I have the right power to enter into an agreement for writing the proposed book mention above and there is no previous/subsisting agreement, entered into by me, with any individual/organization that prohibits me from doing so or taking up the present assignment as mentioned above.

I further declare that the proposed book will not violate any copyright.